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Video Tips

Video Tips and Ideas

Video Tips

Camera Position

If you are using one of the Sony Bloggie video cameras we provide be sure to hold the camera in a horizontal (or landscape) position. If you hold the camera vertically the video will publish in a tall skinny format instead of a wide screen format.

Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead before you speak. Make sure to think about what you are going to talk about before doing so. This will help you take quick videos with less re-takes. If you are going to interview someone write questions on a note-pad ahead of time.

Ideas for Videos

You can never take too many videos! If you are heading out for an outdoor trip or adventure take several videos. For example, you can take videos when you load up your vehicle, videos of your destination, wildlife, interesting items, historical facts, the natural environment, etc.....

While you are filming your activity or sport be sure the videos will show you in action or participating. These are also great times to discuss the equipment you are using and techniques that will teach others how to get involved with that particular sport or activity.

Examples of video ideas for a report.
  • Where, When, and Why (Quick introduction of where you are, what you are doing, and why or how)
  • Discuss the gear or equipment you might be using and why it's beneficial to the activity
  • Videos during the activity/sport (yourself or you filming someone else)
  • A brief summary of your day outdoors

Still Photos

Don't forget to take still shots with your regular digital camera or Sony Bloggie. It's easy to switch from video to camera on the Bloggie's. Please be sure to upload a few still shots with your reports as we can add them to the video or the final article.